Cheers to Tom Brady, the Greatest of All Time (and 3 Incredible Stats)

September 7, 2021

Dylan Powell

I grew up in New England as a Patriots fan and I owe a great deal of my passion for football to Tom Brady. I was 13 years old when Brady stepped in for an injured Drew Bledsoe to lead the Patriots to a win over the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. Ever since then I have been a devoted fan and follower of the 199th overall pick with one of the most iconic combine photos of all time. Tom Brady is the reason I'd watch Patriots games at 1pm on Sundays with my dad instead of NFL Red Zone (ironically I can't watch football with my dad anymore when New England plays at 1pm on Sundays because he still watches for the Patriots). Tom Brady is the reason why ahead of the 2020 NFL season I became a bigger fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers than I am of the New England Patriots.

This article will be short and sweet. I'm going to highlight 3 sets of incredible Tom Brady stats that he has amassed over his iconic 21 year career, and then I'll wish TB12 good luck tonight against the Dallas Cowboys and on his quest for his 8th Superbowl win in his 11th appearance. Let's go!

Stat #1: Brady is twice as accomplished in the Super Bowl than any other player in NFL history

Tom Brady's achievements in the Super Bowl will likely never be matched by anyone. Not only does he hold virtually every career Super Bowl passing record, but he has double the passing stats of the 2nd best QB of all time on nearly every relevant metric.

Stat Tom Brady 2nd All Time
Appearances 10 5
Wins 7 4
MVPs 5 3
Yards 3,039 1,156
TDs 21 11
Pass Attempts 421 155
Pass Completions 277 103

Source: Pro Football Reference

Stat #2: Brady has had a Hall of Fame Career if you started counting AFTER he turned 38

In 2016, Max Kellerman of ESPN famously predicted that Tom Brady was about to "fall off a cliff". In 2021, Kellerman also famously tweeted that Brady has had a full Hall of Fame career since that prediction.

He isn't joking. Just looking at Brady's stats in the playoffs after turning 38 against the playoff stats of three Hall of Fame QBs during their entire careers, it's pretty evident.

Stat Tom Brady
After 38
Joe Montana
Full Career
Terry Bradshaw
Full Career
Troy Aikman
Full Career
Record 12-2 16-7 14-5 11-4
Super Bowls 3 4 4 3
SB MVPs 3 3 2 1
TDs 27 45 30 23
INTs 10 21 26 17
Yards 4492 5772 3833 3849

Source: Pro Football Reference

Stat #3: Brady has dominated in the Regular Season too

The last two sections highlight Brady's dominance in the playoffs and in the Superbowl, and we can't forget that is only possible if you get there in the first place.

Some fascinating Tom Brady stats that may never be duplicated:

  • Tom Brady hasn't missed the playoffs since 2002
  • Tom Brady hasn't had a 3 game losing streak since 2002
  • Tom Brady has never had a losing record
  • Tom Brady owns 25 Regular Season NFL records (and 29 Post Season, and 26 Super Bowl records), according to his Wikipedia page

Sources: Pro Football Reference and Wikipedia

Concluding Thoughts

Tom Brady, in my view, is without question the greatest player in the history of the NFL. He is arguably the greatest athlete in the history of sports, if not the greatest human to ever live.

So cheers to you Tom Brady, the Greatest of All Time. Take that incredible talent around you in Tampa Bay and go win your 8th Superbowl -- piling on to your ridiculously large list of NFL records that continues to grow by the game.

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