Five of the Best Fantasy Football Information Sites That I Use Constantly and You Should Too

September 12, 2021

Dylan Powell

It's finally here ladies and gentlemen. The first Sunday of the 2021 NFL season kicks off tomorrow. I would imagine that the most fantasy football content of the entire year gets put out across the industry in the weeks and days leading up to tomorrow. That's not based on research, it's just a guess honestly, but it feels accurate. I'd spend the time to research it, but I've been too busy today building out the rankings section of this site. It's still under development but I'm making progress very quickly, so I encourage you to follow @RotoGods and hit the notifications button to receive all the latest updates. For those of you who have become early follows of mine - I appreciate the hell out of each of you, you are the OGs - and we're going to take this thing to the moon!

For today's article I decided to take a little time to reflect on some of the best football content sites that I have been using for as long as I can remember, and put out an article showing gratitude to each of these companies for blazing trails in this space and inspiring me to build the RotoGods website and chase after my dreams.

I'll cover my two or three favorite things from each site and some of the features that I use most frequently . This won't necessarily cover what the site is most well known for, or anywhere near everything that these sites have to offer, but just my honest, personal favorite features that I have been using as a die-hard casual fantasy player for many years.

One final note that I'll make here as a disclaimer is that I am in no way affiliated with any of these sites beyond being a customer who has enjoyed their tools. I receive no compensation, directly or indirectly, for anything in this post. All views are my own and were written without input from any of these companies.

With that out of the way, let's dive in.

Pro Football Focus (PFF)

This one is an absolute no-brainer. I visit @PFF every day to consume their articles, and I'm obsessed with their Premium Stats section. I love checking out the player grades, WR vs CB matchup data, and many of the split stats sections such as deep targets, metric-per-route-run stats, and slot route percentage (among many more).

After I launched RotoGods last week, I subscribed to their College offering as well to help with writing up rookie and sophomore players. Now I'll never do another analysis with out it. PFF has been aggregating college player statistics since 2014 (they have NFL since 2002), and it's quickly changing the game for fantasy analysis.

Check out PFF here.


Another staple in my annual fantasy subscription process. I use @4for4 to get my redraft rankings and weekly start/sit decisions in managed leagues, and I have done so for more than 5 years. John Paulsen (@4for4_John) is one of the most accurate rankers in the business.

I also love 4for4's LeagueSync feature, where you can import the rosters from your leagues and see where your players are ranked on 4for4. This makes the start/sit decision process even easier.

Finally, 4for4 has recently become one of my favorite research spots to go and use tools to quickly explore stats such as fantasy points, snaps, targets, touches, market share, air yards, and red zone stats.

Check out 4for4 here.

Establish The Run (ETR)

Evan Silva's (@EvanSilva) Matchups column is a weekly must-read. Going through every game of the week is a big time commitment, so I usually only hit a few of them, but in my opinion there is no better place to go in the industry for weekly matchup breakdowns than Evan Silva.

Brandon Thorn's (@BrandonThornNFL) weekly column on Biggest Offensive Line vs Defensive Line Mismatches is also a weekly must read. I don't know of any other place on the internet that covers the trenches from a fantasy perspective even remotely close to how Brandon Thorn does. Tweet @ me if you know a contender for the title!

Finally, I'll give a shout out to Ryan Reynolds (@RyanReynoldsNFL) for his weekly waiver wire column. He covers a ton of players, and puts out a full paragraph on more players than many of you need to know. I read it every week.

Check out Establish The Run here

PlayerProfiler and RotoUnderworld

One of my goals in life right now is to grow this site to a point where it's worth the Podfather's (@Fantasy_Mansion) time to entertain the idea of the Gods becoming a (joking) rival of the Underworld. But first I do need to get it to a point where he merely acknowledges it's existence though. We'll get there someday, but in the meantime, I have to include @RotoUnderworld on this list because it's one of my favorite websites on the internet. I have been a subscriber and have received tons of value from this website for years.

I use the PlayerProfiler website and tools A LOT. I've probably quoted and linked to them in most of my articles so far. Every time I research a player, I go to to check out their advanced metrics such as college dominator, breakout age, and target share. The percentile ranks of each player's college metrics vs the historical comps at their position makes it easy to understand a player's speed, explosiveness, and athletic ability.

I also listen to every RotoUnderworld podcast that is hosted by @Fantasy_Mansion. Every. Single. One. Matt Kelley is the gold standard for podcasting in the fantasy football industry -- and that is no disrespect to any other podcaster in the business. The Podfather just has it down. He is the GOAT.

Finally, since I haven't built a RotoGods dynasty trade calculator yet, I also have to acknowledge the Dynasty Dominator App. I use this app to evaluate probably every dynasty trade that I ever contemplate. Absolute game changer in dynasty trade evaluations.

Check out PlayerProfiler here and find the rest of the amazing content from the RotoUnderworld empire here.

UTH Dynasty

I've been a subscriber to UTH for 7 or 8 years now, and it's still one of my best kept secrets (until this article, probably).

UTH founder and content lead, Chad Parsons (@ChadParsonsNFL), puts out an incredible volume of highly actionable and insightful dynasty content. He puts out hundreds of podcasts a year and goes into an incredible level of depth on running back depth charts, college player spotlights, dynasty waiver wire advice, and so much more.

UTH also puts out an article pretty much every day with short, actionable insights on topics like dynasty waiver wire bullets, instant dynasty reactions to injuries and breaking news, tons of innovative research pieces, and so much more. I very rarely miss a UTH Dynasty article.

Chad also posts Rookie Metric scores from his proprietary prospect evaluation models which are a critical input into my rookie draft season. Players with upper-90th percentile scores in Chad's model rarely miss.

Be sure to check out UTH Dynasty here and subscribe to the UTH Dynasty Podcasts on your favorite podcasting app.


Do you use any of these sites for your fantasy research? Hit the share button below and let me hear about it on Twitter!

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