My Favorite Targets by Round in Underdog Best Ball Drafts

September 5, 2021

Dylan Powell

I have been doing a lot of Best Ball drafts in these final few days before the NFL season kicks off. These are my favorite targets by round.

ADPs referenced below are based on trailing 7-day ADP on Underdog Fantasy as of Sept 5, 2021

Round 1 (1-12)

Christian McCaffrey | Tgt: 1.01 | ADP: 1.0

Alvin Kamara | Tgt: 1.02 | ADP: 3.0

Travis Kelce | Tgt: Mid 1st | ADP: 6.8

Stefon Diggs | Tgt: Mid-Late 1st | ADP: 10.7

Round 2 (13-24)

Nuk Hopkins | Tgt: Early-Mid 2nd | ADP: 17.4

Darren Waller | Tgt: Late 2nd | ADP: 20.8

Round 3 (25-36)

Terry McLaurin | Tgt: Early 3rd | ADP: 27.8

Amari Cooper | Tgt: Mid 3rd | ADP: 32.1

Tyler Lockett | Tgt: Late 3rd | ADP 35.2

Comments: After 3 rounds, I very often find myself with 3 WRs, or with Kelce/Waller and 2 WRs. The usual exception is when I have a top 3 pick and take CMC or Kamara (Cook usually goes #2). I do also sometimes sprinkle in some Austin Ekeler in the late 1st / early 2nd.

Round 4 (37-48)

DeAndre Swift | Tgt: Early-Mid 4th | ADP: 43.1

Gus Edwards | Tgt: Late 4th | ADP: 51.6

Round 5 (49-60)

Darrell Henderson | Tgt: Round 5 | ADP: 59.4

Odell Beckham Jr. | Tgt: Round 5 | ADP: 58.9

Comments: So much for the running back dead zone! I've been basically auto-picking Swift, Edwards, and Henderson in the 4th and 5th rounds after my 3 pass catcher start in rounds 1-3. I also love Odell Beckham Jr. in round 5 if these RBs aren't available, sometimes getting him as my WR4. His upside is WR1 overall and it's like no one even cares that he's a 5th round pick.

Round 6 (61-72)

Antonio Brown | ADP: 64.7

Laviska Shenault | ADP: 65.6

Comments: Antonio Brown is the cheapest Bucs WR and could be the best for fantasy this year. I have a hypothesis that Viska will be the primary beneficiary of the Etienne injury and he is still grossly underpriced if that hypothesis comes true.

Round 7 (73-84)

Raheem Mostert | ADP: 75.2

Russell Wilson | ADP: 73.4

Justin Herbert | ADP: 82.0

Comments: The earliest I ever take a QB is in round 7 with either Russell or Justin Herbert. But only if Mostert isn't staring me in the face.

Round 8 (85-96)

Marquez Callaway | ADP: 88.7

Darnell Mooney | ADP: 92.1

Comments: This is my "all-bias" round as I've been on Mooney as a dynasty sleeper since he was a prospect and I can't stop thinking about Callaway shredding his last preseason game. I was also early on the Winston-Callaway stack this year, so those rising investments are getting me excited.

Round 9 (97-108)

Jakobi Meyers | ADP: 105.7

Elijah Moore | ADP: 106.8

Comments: I take Elijah Moore in the 9th round almost no matter what. Look at my profile pic. I'm living and dying on this hill. Jakobi Meyer's rapid ascent into the single digit rounds is going to start making it more difficult though, as he has been my auto-pick in the later rounds all off-season. I put him here, but I'm probably still taking Elijah.

Round 10 (109-120)

Ryan Tannehill | ADP: 112.4

Trey Lance | ADP: 111.7

Justin Fields | ADP: 122.2

Tony Pollard | ADP: 121.9

Comments: If I didn't take Wilson or Herbert in round 8, I'll probably go Tannehill, Lance, or Fields here. Sometimes I'll mix in Stafford, but his lack of Konami Code turns me off of him usually. If I'm already all set at QB, then I take Tony Pollard.

Rounds 1-10 Recap: As you can probably tell, I usually have 6-7 WRs at this point in the draft. Sometimes I have my TE and sometimes I have my QB, and I also usually have two RBs out of Swift, Edwards, Henderson, and Mostert. Finally, I may have one of the two monster handcuff RBs in Dillon or Pollard. Heading into the double digit rounds I'm usually teeing off on upside RBs the rest of the way.

Rounds 11-18 (121-216)

Comments: In these later rounds I'm usually teeing off on Upside RBs from this list (ordered by ADP, not necessarily preference):

Kenyan Drake | ADP: 125.9

Rhamondre Stevenson | ADP: 139.1

Alexander Mattison | ADP: 149.8

Damien Williams | ADP: 165.2

Ty'Son Williams | ADP: 168.9

Ty Johnson | ADP: 178.0

Tony Jones | ADP: 200.1

Wayne Gallman | ADP: 204.7

Darrel Williams | 208.8

Darrynton Evans | ADP: 211.9

Justin Jackson | ADP: 213.5

Jaret Patterson | ADP: 214.9

Comments: If I need a QB or TE, then I'll also try to snag one of these guys:

Jameis Winston | ADP: 153.9

Kirk Cousins | ADP: 164.5

Ryan Fitzpatrick | ADP: 166.3

Rob Gronkowski | ADP: 145.4

Hunter Henry | ADP: 160.6

Pat Freiermuth | ADP: 194.9

Donald Parham | ADP: 211.1

Thanks for reading! If you agree or disagree with any of my targets, let me hear it on Twitter @PowellAnalytics !

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